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Fireball PC is your single source for all of your computer needs. Our expierenced, factory trained and certified technicians can resolve any computer issues you may have, from minor computer upgrades to network server installations.

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Fireball PC is Proud to be an American Owned and Operated company.



Whether you are a home user doing simple web surfing, or a fast-paced company needing a powerful CAD/CAM workstation, Fireball PC has the experience and excellent track record to provide a custom solution designed for you or your business. All Fireball PC custom built computer systems are built by our own highly skilled in-house engineers with the greatest of care from carefully selected components based on extensive testing and years of experience. A rigorous 48-hour system burn-in test is performed prior to delivery to ensure that all components are working to factory specs and that your system is optimized in every way. We build our systems with consideration to quality and upgradeability. As advances in technology occur, your system is built to offer you the flexibility to upgrade at minimal cost without the expense of purchasing a whole new system. Most "off-the-shelf" and major "Name Brand" systems do not offer that flexibility or option. We are also specialists in networking installation, upgrades and maintenance. Whether it be a large one-hundred user network or a small two/three-user peer-to-peer system, our experienced technicians work closely with clients to achieve the best possible arrangement to assure maximum system utility and scalability for your growing business.

Fireball PC custom built Servers, Desktop Computer Systems and workstations at very reasonable prices.

Fireball PC custom builds Servers, Desktop Computer Systems and workstations at very reasonable prices. Our systems are custom cofigured for any kind of application you require. We can custom build systems to suit any application or hardware and software needs. We believe in accommodating each and every customer. Here are just a few of the features that you will find in our custom built computer systems:

  • 1 Year Warranty Standard (Up to 3 Years )
  • Anti Spyware and Anti Virus Software Included
  • NO useless or "limited" software pre-installed
  • Local Hardware and Software Support
  • Free Local Delivery, Support and On-Site Setup
  • The latest Dual and Quad Core Intel and AMD Processors/CPU's
  • Tech Support US based and Local, you do not have to worry about some one who does not know about your network or system.
  • All custom built coputer systems are upgradable, no need to buy a new system when ou want to upgrade
  • Special discount prices when upgrading a Fireball PC built custom computer system
  • If it will take more than 24 hours for your computer to be fixed we will provide you with a loaner.
  • Most repairs turn around time 1 business day
  • Local Certified Techs with extensive experience in Custom System Builds and Tech Support, you do not have call "India" for support !!
  • Call us today and find out how our custom computer systems can be customized for your specific needs
  • We will even beat other retailers you are used to going, in price as well as in value. Don't belive us? No problem CALL US AND FIND OUT YOURSELF

Choose a value PC for basic computing and Internet usage that will allow you to upgrade and expand as your needs change. Obtaining replacement parts for our PC’s is a cinch – even if you do not have it repaired by us. Plus, we have a better warranty than the large computer companies or “big box stores”. If you have a problem, you will talk directly to one of our associates and not some call center in India. We will get you going in a few minutes rather than hours.

If a Professional PC is more appropriate we will build one with the capacity for more aggressive upgrades, high-end multi-media usage, and for running resource demanding business and CAD/CAM applications.

If it's full-blown performance you need, then we can build a "latest and greatest", powerful machine that will take on whatever you can throw at it - and for less money than you thought.

Computers are merging more and more with in-home entertainment. Maybe a multimedia PC is just the ticket for you. Make and edit your movies effortlessly; personalize DVD's; record direct from the TV signal and more.

One of our server PC's combined with Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 will put your small business light years ahead of the competition. .





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